2008 BMW 320d E90 cas3 add new smart remotes by OBD with Autel IM508

2008 BMW 320d E90 cas3 add new smart remote by OBD with Autel MaxiIM IM508.


  1. IMMO→ BMW→ Smart Mode
  2. Show CAS, DEM, EGS information(If have some fault, eraser first)


  1. Key learning→ Vehicle information→ Vin number, Cas number

Vehicle information→ frequency, key mechanical code

Vehicle information→ ECU mileage(km), manufacturer year

  1. [Add key] and [ALL key lost] are available for this CAS system


  1. Remote the key from the ignition switch if it is Smart Key, please take out of the car(Key is out of switch and is not smart key )

  1. Connecting the internet→ read key information success whether to do the backup?→ yes
  2. Press ok to save key info file

  1. Key information: Customer key is number 5. Other keys all “disabled” so can not program if not “enabled”

  1. Press “ESC” to go back out of “Smart Mode”

  1. System selection→immobilizer→ cas3/cas3+

  1. Key operation→ Enable/Disable key


  1. Insert working key and switch ON first

  1. Enable key 3

  1. Enable key 4, 7 according to the step 13
  2. Key learning → by OBD

  1. Switch ignition ON

  1. Remove the key from the ignition switch if it is smart key, please take out of the car
  2. Reading key information and you can see key 3, 4, 7 are enabled

  1. Program new key to key number 3

  1. ConnectXP-200 Programmer by USD cable and put new key into XP-200 programmer

  1. Writing key , please wait…

  1. Generating dealer key success, insert the key into ignition switch to start