How to Update Fireware VVDI Mini Tool to Version 1.0.9 for use with New Super Chip XT27

(Note: the latest version is 1.1.4)

Obd360 will offer you how to update firmware vvdi mini tool for use with new super chip XT27.


Connect smart phone with mini tool via bluetooth, you can see bluetooth sign in key tool display.


Press “update “ to update firmware to version 1.0.9


Press time about 7-8 minutes, make sure have enough buttery, press “confirm update”


After 7 minutes later, update firmware success, and then restart mini tool

4-How-to-Update-Fireware-VVDI-Mini-Tool 5-How-to-Update-Fireware-VVDI-Mini-Tool


Reconnect to xhorse app, and vvdi mini key tool is ready to use, new version 1.0.9 can use with super chip XT27