How to Use OBDSTAR Key RT Renew Tool

Today, I will introduce how to uses OBDSTAR Key RT Renew Tool to you all. As we know, Key RT is a key renewing product, support a variety of car key chip renewing that can be repeated to supports Windows7 and above operating systems, use USB2.0/3.0 communication.

Next,let me show you how to use it.


Connect Key RT with computer and connect Key RT power connector, when the light is red, means successfully connected.


Select a Kia key

Open the software and find the corresponding wiring diagram


Connect the chip according to the wiring diagram

Weld the woo 1 and the Key chip


Select PCF adapter and connect it with Key RT


Connect woo 1 with PCF adapter and make sure the circuits is connected


Key renew procedure

Back to the OBDPROG Key RT software, click on “Reset“.

It will soon run to 100% means key renew successfully.