JMD Handy Baby II Copies Toyota Lexus G Key successfully

Tested! Toyota Lexus G key copy can be done with JMD Handy Baby II + K-chip or S-Chip.


Copy G key step by step:

Step 1.

Read out Toyota /Lexus G key info (for example 4D72 Type dst80 and ID:xxx)



Step 2. Offline coding

On-line (for APP)

On-line (for PC)



Step 3. Coding Successfully

Put into JMDG K-chip or S-Chip

Select “OK” to copy.

handy-baby-ii-copies-toyota-lexus-g-key-03 s-jmd-for-handy-baby-in-red k-jmd-for-handy-baby-in-blue


Step 4. Copy Successfully. If you want to copy the second one, press “OK” to copy.





It’s so easy to copy Toyota /Lexus G with JMD Handy Baby 2 Cloner.


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