Launch X-431 PAD III does health report on Diagnosis BMW 328i 2013

Now,we are going to into intelligent diagnosis with Launch X-431 PAD III V2.0.let me show you how to operate the system.

From the home screen,go to Diagnosis

1-Launch-X-431-PAD-III-V2.0 -BMW-328i


Going hit AutoDetect

2-Launch-X-431-PAD-III-V2.0 -BMW-328i

From here with the VCI connected it will automatically read the VIN and populate it into the tool

3-Launch-X-431-PAD-III-V2.0 -BMW-328i

Next, go into Diagnostic-hit Next

4-Launch-X-431-PAD-III-V2.0 -BMW-328i 5-Launch-X-431-PAD-III-V2.0 -BMW-328i


Go into Health Report, and it will scan all vehicles and check for codes.

6-Launch-X-431-PAD-III-V2.0 -BMW-328i 7-Launch-X-431-PAD-III-V2.0 -BMW-328i


Once you go and diagnose BMW 328i, you go into clear fault codes

8-Launch-X-431-PAD-III-V2.0 -BMW-328i