LAUNCH X431 CRP429C Frequency Questions and Answers

OBD360 will offer you some customer questions and our answers on LAUNCH X431 CRP429C, to help you learn more about this product.


Question: What function can I achieve with this tool?

Answer:It supports both basic and advanced diagnostics. You can do all OBD2 test modes and also ABS bleeding, oil service reset, gear learning, injector coding, BMS, TPS, IMMO, SAS reset, DPF regeneration, EPB, and TPMS reset.


Question: What language does it contain?

Answer:English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese.

Launch CRP429C Languages Supported

Question: The scanner can’t detect my car, what can I do?

Answer:It allows you to choose manually for cars that are not auto-detected. Scroll down to where the car makes are listed and select the make of your car.


Question: Can I use the CRP429C to turn off the Check Engine Light?

Answer:YES, by clearing all ECU codes.


Question: Do I need to update the tool before use?

Answer:NO, it comes with an already updated software.


Question: What is the difference between launch crp429c and crp429?

Answer:Launch crp429c is more cheaper and they all have 11 special functions. Launch crp429c work on ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission system, crp429 work on more system, but launch crp429c can work for some old obd1 cars.


Question: Does the launch crp429c have the ability to monitor mode 6 data?

Answer: crp429c have obd2 full function, it can monitor mode 6 data.


Question: Does this require an obd2 to obd adapter to read obd codes?

Answer: Yes, crp429c need an obd2 to obd adapter to read obd codes, you need to preparethe adapter by yourself.


Question: can you program TPMS sensors?

Answer: I am sorry, it can not program TPMS sensors, but it can reset tpms.


Question: does this have throttle relearn / reset?

Answer: Yes, launch crp429c have throttle relearn function.