OBDSTAR X300M latest test reports collection (09.2019 updated)

OBDSTAR X300M latest test reports:


OBDSTAR X300M on European vehicles:

Land Rover Full LCD …OK…

Rover Discovery 4 2018 year with pointer (not full LCD) ok, 5 minutes (eeprom 93C86)
reading/backup eeprom successful, change mileage success, need internet connection


Jan/2016!Range Rover – X300M -Fail
Security Authentication Fail

Was told:

After 2016 is the full lcd. You can do these with the x300 dp plus but not always with the x300m

5 settings in the range rover sport section on the x300dp plus.
2016(with pointer)
2017(full LCD)
2017-(Full LCD)


2015 XF Jag – no communication x300m
Super DSP3 – 2 min


I have now Range Rover 2015 year, FULL LCD version
X300dp can connect and read the correct mileage exactly
I enter a new mileage and XDP going to proccess, but at the 75% of Progress bar, its stop and displayed calibration failure.


X300 DP and X300 DP Plus can do Range Rover Sport 2017- (full LCD)

need 75mbps


Obdstar X300M
Porsche panamera 2011.
Read km ok (with backup )
Write new km ok.
3 min and job done


Citroen Jumper 2014
Read and show km ok
Write new km ok.
2 sec and job done!.


Obdstar 300 pro3.

Peugeot Bipper 2009 1.4 hdi (BSI FIAT) choosed Fiat Fiorino.
Show km OK
changed km – OK
All operation – 1min


2012 W166 Benz – x300m fail

w166 facelift or prefacelift has never worked for me with x300m…

fiat strada 2013 read miles but after prog fail, did no damage


opel corsa d obd star dp 300
km ok
pin code ok


BENZ W205 early 2015 – X300M/Blocker 10seconds All Good


Skoda Rapid 2016.
Read km ok
Write km ok.
2 min and job done!….


Grand Cherokee 2015 …OK


OBDSTAR X300M on USA vehicles:


Ford transit 2019:

for Suburban 2015 year I have some this model tested and work successfully.
This Denali has the same BCM with this kind of suburban model..


2012 Ford Mondeo big centre lcd – x300m Failed
x300m reads correct mileage and then says adjustment Sucess



Mazda 6 (2010)
Read and show km ok (have sulution read backup)
Write new value ok
1 min job. using

Mazda 2 2016 look same cluster mazda 3 but cant changed.


2018 CHR Not work 2017 CHR Work OK

2018 CHR Chip Type D70F3535
Read old value ok new value write ok
Adjustment success but still show old value


2018 chr, algo is same but location is off by few lines and obdstar does not have dedicated r/w option to edit manually…


07 dodge journey in dash mileage change 2 mins


GMC Denali not OK, Read the correct mileage, Asking of internet connection, input new Value Mileage and hours, displayed Adjusment complete, but the old mileage still displayed, ending on opening BCM and adjust by UPA.


Tip: doesn’t support 2013 Ford transit 95320 mileage at present

desolder 95320 chip read and send dump will fix


OBDSTAR X300M Tool on other vehicles: (Chinese, Japanese, Australian)


kia sportage r 2014: d70f423 mileage–> tested ok

I try Yukon Denali 2016 year (eeprom ST95320) it can read correct reading, Miles and hours but cannot change the mileage


for Suburban 2015 year I have some this model tested and work successfully.
This Denali has the same BCM with this kind of suburban model..


mitsubishi montero 2016 1min job
kia picanto 2016 fujistu mb91609 30 min job
device obdtsar x300dp ( need internet connection on both car)


about update: common thing mate its missing until fully updated. sometimes a quick reboot solves the problem of the updates failing and then the cluster menu returns  hope this helps


(credits to all contributors)