Procedure on BMW remote renew with JMD Handy Baby II

Step by step procedure on BMW remote renew with JMD Handy Baby II.


Tools to use:

JMD Handy Baby II Programmer

Super Chip (S-JMD)

-IOS APP or Android APP with Bluetooth

-BMW Remote

– The Unlock line in the package




1.Scan the Handy Baby II APP QR code to download IOS or Android client. (For PC APP, it requires to active).

Install APP.

Register a user name

Bind Handy Baby II machine with the serial number.

***Check register and activation guide

jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-02 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-02 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-02

2.Plug the remote line to the S-JMD chip (in red color) , and another end to the Handy Baby II.

jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-05 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-06

3.Pair the Bluetooth in the Handy Baby II and the Bluetooth in the mobile app.

jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-07 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-08

4.Tap “JMD remote”, then “Honda “, then “CRV”, then tap “Create remote”, then choose “Wired”.

jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-09 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-10 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-11

5.This is remote and unlock line.


6.This is BMW remote.


7.Connect the cable by following the wiring diagram .


8.Insert to Handy Baby II and BMW remote insert into the coil.


9.Select “Remote”.

jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-16 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-17

10.Take off the BMW remote, select “Remote”, then “Remote renew”, then “BMW” and “5WK49125”.

Please use the unlock line to connect the key.

Press OK to writing.

Write successfully.

jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-18 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-19 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-20 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-21 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-22 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-23