Three Ways to cut Honda Accord key with Kukai Alpha Automatic Key Cutting Machine

How to cut Honda Accord key by Kukai Alpha?This post introduces 3 ways to enter Honda Accord key date:

  1. Manufacturer, model, year
  2. key blank number
  3.  ID number



Way 1: select manufacturer, model, year

click “automobile” button→ select “ honda”→ “Accord”→ 2010~0→ K001-M999, N001-N718 to enter  key data

Way 2: search by key blank number

Click “ search” button”→ input “hon66”→ select “13416-{6-6}”

Way 3: search by ID number

Click “ search” button”→  input “1341”→ enter “1341{6-6}”

Special way to get key information by duplicate function  

Click  duplicate and double external groove button

Select “ tip” and click S1-B image

Choose side B and fix the original key on it

Press the image to start duplicating

Duplicate is done.

Three ways to get bitting numbers of honda accord

  1. Decode original key
  2. Search by code
  3. Input known bitting numbers


Way 1: Decode original key

Click “decode”, choose “Side B”

Rotate to side B

Tip level

Fix original key and decode original key to get bitting numbers


Way 2: search by code

Click code button and input k671 to get bitting numbers

Way 3: input known bitting numbers

Input bitting numbers you get from other ways, such as cylinder, Lishi Tool or Instacode etc

Cut honda accord key by Alpha

Fix a new key blank on the tip level of side B

Click “cut” button to start cutting(close the shield)

When cutting done, fix the other side on the tip level of side B and repeat the steps

The new key is cutting done, test the new key work well