VIDENT iAuto702 done VW oil service reset and more

VIDENT iAuto702 has many service reset functions (special functions), oil service reset on VW for example.

 1.Choose “ShortCuts”.

Choose “Edit Shortcuts F2 Function”.

Choose “OilReset” as F2 shortcut.

vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-01 vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-02 vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-03


Loading data, please wait…

Read the message on the screen display.


Choose “VW”.



Software reset.



Automatic Scan.



Engine Oil Lamp-Service Period Setting.



Establishing vehicle communications, please wait…



Choose the test items you need.

vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-10 vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-11


Except Oil reset function, there are many other service reset functions i.e OBDII, ABS &SRS, BRT, EPB, TPS, adjust A /F, DPF, injector, SAS, IMMO, gear learn, ABS Bleeding, TPMS, Odometer, Sun Roof, Gear box, Suspension, AFS etc.

vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-12 vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-13 vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-14


VIDENT iAuto702 Language settings.

Available with: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hungarian, Thai etc.


Also, you can reset Unit, Beep, Key Test, LED test, Read “About” and shortcuts.

vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-16 vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-17 vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-18 vident-iauto702-done-vw-oil-reset-19


That’s all.




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