VIDENT iLink400 Registration and iScanZilla Installation

Today I want to show you how to register Vident iLink400 and install the free software iScanZilla.


Kit includes:

iLink400 Scan Tool

User’s Guide

Memory SD Card

SD Card Reader

Note with Serial Number and Password

Carry Pouch


By the way, keep the note with serial number and register password aside, you will need it later when registering your unit.



Remove SD card from your iLink400 and insert into PC using the SD card reader


Create your Vident account on and validate the account in your email and submit it.



Download, extract & install iScanZilla software to manage your i400AU from…

3-VIDENT-iLink400-Registration-and-iScanZilla-Installation 4-VIDENT-iLink400-Registration-and-iScanZilla-Installation 5-VIDENT-iLink400-Registration-and-iScanZilla-Installation 6-VIDENT-iLink400-Registration-and-iScanZilla-Installation 7-VIDENT-iLink400-Registration-and-iScanZilla-Installation 8-VIDENT-iLink400-Registration-and-iScanZilla-Installation


Step 4:

Run iScanZilla software and log in with your Vident account details to register and download your preferred free car make software.

login to iScanZilla using your Vident account user name & passwrod and sign in


9-VIDENT-iLink400-Registration-and-iScanZilla-Installation 10-VIDENT-iLink400-Registration-and-iScanZilla-Installation


Insert SD card back into your i400AU, and plug your i400AU to vehicle’s OBD port to operate it, if you successfully downloaded your preferred free car make software(eg Toyota), you should be able to see its logo on the homescreen.


That’s all.