Which best BMW key programmer for CAS3 OBD?

Looking for the best BMW key programmer for CAS3 BMW and MINI by OBD? BMW Explorer, Autoxeh, CGDI BMW, Yanhua Mini ACDP are all best choice.

Best Choices:

1BMW Explorer


4Yanhua Mini ACDP



1.I’m OK with cgdi bmw. Does all I need.


2.Yes cgdi BMW prog is best of best

PDF: CGDI BMW copy CAS3 key with key & without key.


3.I wouldn’t say that, and I know people have had problems, but I have done over a hundred now and haven’t (with CGDI BMW).

CAS3/CAS 3+ is getting to be older technology too and is pretty easily fixable with assistance from knowledgeable people on here if anything does go wrong.

I’d love Autohex and BMW explorer, but what can they do for 10 year old BMWs that CGDI can’t?


4.Question: does CGDI bmw also work well with BMW MINI? 2007 onwards CAS3 system dash slot keys

Answer: Yes. But not earlier ews ones. BMW AK90 is your tool for that.


5.For cas version 9389115, you can do this part numbers via obd but with downgrade. (Autohex)

Part numbers: 9389115, 9389116, 9395656, 9395657 after downgrade may show some fault codes and car won’t start (fault codes AA0A and AA0B).it can be solved by restoring the flash back to original.


6.I think better take autohex with only key programming most cas from OBD no bricking.

Prepare for bricking cars if you dream all do by obd.



1)Autohex – never brick any.
2)VVDI2 – sometimes failed
3)BMW explorer – sometimes failed
Any of them will brick CAS one day for many reasons.
If you not too sure just do the backup all the time.

8.Yanhua MINI ACDP is good tool, no soldering and you can back up before you F**k up

Never failed on cas3



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