Add a Spare Key on Dacia 2018 Transponder Chip 4A: Obdstar X300 DP Plus Done!

Obdstar X300 DP plus table adds a spare key on Dacia 2018 Transponder Chip 4A.



  1. Connect X300 DP plus with vehicle
  2. Select immobilizer→ DACIA→ DACIA V30.73→ Program keys→ Duster→ 2014-2018→ Program keys

  1. This function is available by connecting the server

  1. For the keys to be learned, If there is a new key, learn the new key first

  1. Insert the key and turn on the ignition
  2. Switch ignition off
  3. Read VIN, make sure the ignition is turned off and remove the key, or the opersation will fail

  1. Communicating,switch ignition on

  1. Program success, remove current key and insert next key

  1. Follow X300 DP Plusprompt to program next key.
  2. Test new keys