Add BMW CAS4 Key via OBD- Yanhua Mini ACDP Make a Success!

Yanhua Mini ACDP is able to add a new key for BMW CAS4 via OBD mode. Here is the step by step procedure.



Yanhua ACDP mini host

BMW CAS Module 1 license

Original key and a new key



Connect ACDP with vehicle OBD port

Open “Mini ACDP” App→ choose” BMW”→ CAS1- 4→ CAS4/ CAS4+ → OBD mode→ IMMO/ Mileage

Click on “Add key(Automatic mode)”→ click on “ ok”

Check vehicle information and confirm, and then continue

Yanhua ACDP require to pre-process ECU

Press ok

Preprocessing ECU

Put the working key close to the Start button antenna position

Check and confirm VIN & ISN code

Select a blank key position to add key and continue


Put a new key close to the Start button

Learning new key

Program new key success, click on “ ok “

Yanhua Mini ACDP auto save the new key data