Autel MaxiAP200 vs Autel AL319, Autel MK808+ Customer Review

Autel Maxi AP200 vs Autel AL319, Autel MK808:

Autel AL319 Autel MK808 Autel MaxiAP200
Autel Original MaxiCOM MK808 Diagnostic Tool 7-inch LCD Touch Screen Swift Diagnosis Functions of EPB/IMMO/DPF/SAS/TMPS
MIL Read MIL Status Read MIL Status Read MIL Status
Live Data OBD Live Data View All Live Data View All Live Data
Testing O2 Monitor O2 Monitor
Coverage Most Makes & Models Most Makes & Models
Read/Erase DTCs All Systems All Systems
Engine Service Oil Reset/DPF Service Throttle Match
Braking Service EPB Service EPB/ABS Bleed
Report Generate Repair Report Generate Repair Report
Operaion System Android IOS/Android
Body Service SAS Service SAS/WIN/DR/Roof/Seats
Modification Service Language Change, Tire, Odometer Change/Change Tire
Battery Replacement, Key Coding
Price $34.88 $499 $69.99

Customer review:

Review 1:
This little thing is nothing short of amazing. I work as a Honda Master Technician at the dealership and was a bit skeptical of all the things claimed this could do.
I’ve been searching for a way to program immobilizer keys for Honda/Acura by using my cell phone for some time now. Have seen other expensive scan tools and bluetooth dongles claiming all the capabilities of this one for at least $150-200 range so when I found this one and at the time was having a lightning deal for $44. I couldn’t pass it up. Tried for the first time the other day on a 2018 Honda Pilot and was just amazed by the things this can do. Will do almost everything the Honda HDS will do. Had the opportunity to try programming a new key on 2006 Pilot so was anxious to see if it will work. So went on to perform key program procedure and worked pretty much identically to using the Honda HDS. I can not recommend this tool enough. Also has the ability to do an all DTC scan and clear all DTCs using a quick erase function without having to go into each individual system. Still trying things out and learning everything its capable of.
Review 2:
Exellent scanner, easy to carry, good range to read from outside the car, easy to use apps. Did everything it said it would. I would recommend to others who have worked on cars long enough to understand what the given information means.
Review 3:
Awesome just a small blue tooth but so powerful. I am Automobile Master tech I bought a lot of scanner in 30 years. But this device not expensive still has more functions than others scaner I had. Thank you I love it.