BMW G chassis Bosch 35128 mileage program via Yanhua D3 or Yanhua mini ACDP

Topic: program mileage for BMW G chassis Bosch 35128 successfully with Yanhua D3/  Yanhua mini ACDP as well as Yanhua Can filter.


BMW G chassis instrument are available with : 1. VDO (a partial);  2. Bosch (most) and almost all are 35128 chip. As shown in the below image:



Bosch dashboard mileage programming procedure:


Before operating, please prepare:

Yanhua Digimaster 3 ($935)

or Yanhua Mini ACDP + module 4 ( $278)

+  Yanhua Can filter for BMW ($33)


Step 1: record the original mileage value “32388km”.



Step 2: dismantle the dashboard, find out the position of 35128 chip.



Step 3: The testable BMW G chassis Bosch 35128 mileage programmers are Yanhua Digimaster 3 or Yanhua Mini ACDP (without welding).


Step 3.1 : use Yanhua Digimaster 3

Select “Dashboard.


Select “G chassis”.



Select “Mileage program”.



Select “35128 V2”.



Step 3.2 : Use Yanhua Mini ACDP + module 4

bmw-g-bosch-dashboard-mileage-programming-08 bmw-g-bosch-dashboard-mileage-programming-09 bmw-g-bosch-dashboard-mileage-programming-10 bmw-g-bosch-dashboard-mileage-programming-11 bmw-g-bosch-dashboard-mileage-programming-12 bmw-g-bosch-dashboard-mileage-programming-13


Step 4: the software adjust mileage successfully, install the Yanhua CAN filter.

bmw-g-bosch-dashboard-mileage-programming-14 bmw-g-bosch-dashboard-mileage-programming-15


Step 5: Install the Bosch dashboard back, check if the new dashboard is the desired mileage value. Yes, it’s correct, the new value is 19185KM.





Credits to Yanhua engineers.