CGDI Update Detail In Dec.2019

CGDI have update several times in Dec.2019. Check the details:

CG-MB BenzMonster V2.8.1.0  


1. Added K-line all lost collection support EIS Model

202/208/210, 203/463/639

2. Optimize the Keyless repeatedly plug collecting process

Fix problems that can cause program errors in specific situations in the collection.

3. Optimize network connectivity and improve server connectivity stability.

4. Software display language increases regional restrictions.

Devices sold in the China region can only use Simplified Chinese.

CG-DI V2.4.0  NEW


1. New: BMW data modification function: support CAS3/3+ data modification VIN, ISN, support CAS4/4+ data VIN, ISN modification, support N20 data VIN, ISN modification.

2. BMW F/G series programming: support automatic code setting after programming; repair some problems of instrument programming failure; repair some EPS programming failure problems; repair ECU list display error.

3. CAS mileage reset: fix the problem of partial version programming failure.

4. Firmware upgrade: Improve USB communication performance.

CG-100  V5.0.1.0  NEW


1. Airbag, added support model

BMW 6577 9199756-01

BMW 6577 9209684-01

Borgward BX5 V500005772

Honda 77960-T2J-H910-M4

Honda 77960-T3X-H910-M4

Honda 77960-TAE-H111-M2 v2

Honda 77960-TEA-H410-M4

Honda 77960-TF0-H640-M3

Honda 77960-TLA-H040-M4

Honda 77960-TLA-H230-M4

Honda 77960-TLA-H240-M4

Peugeot 9820762780

Peugeot 9812923480

Haima FA34-57-K30

Renault 641368900

Mazda KD45-57K30B

Chery J42-3658010

KIA K5 95910-E0050

Nissan 98820-4DU0A

Nissan 98820-5GG0A

Nissan Venucia D60 98820-3GG0A

Nissan Venucia T70 98820-3FL1A

Nissan Venucia T90 98820-3GD0A

WuLing BaoJun 730 23996466

Great Wall 3658110XKU33A

Great Wall 3658110XP3BXA

Zotye J3858403 3658010002-T22

2. MB91, added support model

Chery Tiggo 5

3. Airbag, added repair data

Honda 77960-T2J-H710-M4

Honda 77960-TEA-H820-M4

Nissan 98820-4DW0A

Nissan 98820-4DV0A

Nissan Venucia T90 28556-2GD0A

Hyundai 95910-C9300

CG-Pro V2.0.4.0  NEW


1. Added Models – VIN – BMW CAS1-CAS4

Loading CAS1~CAS4 data can automatically identify the VIN, you can modify the VIN and save

2. The Chips – Manufacturer – NEC modified to Renesas-V850 and the following models were added:

D70F3231, D70F3232, D70F3233, D70F3234, D70F3235,

D70F3236, D70F3237, D70F3238, D70F3239, D70F3333,

D70F3334, D70F3335, D70F3336, D70F3340, D70F3341,

D70F3342, D70F3343, D70F3344, D70F3345, D70F3346,

D70F3347, D70F3348, D70F3350, D70F3351, D70F3352,

D70F3353, D70F3354, D70F3355, D70F3356, D70F3357,

D70F3358, D70F3364, D70F3365, D70F3366, D70F3367,

D70F3368, D70F3370A, D70F3371, D70F3372, D70F3373,

D70F3374, D70F3375, D70F3376A, D70F3377A, D70F3378,

D70F3379, D70F3380, D70F3381, D70F3382, D70F3383,

D70F3384, D70F3385, D70F3402, D70F3403, D70F3416,

D70F3417, D70F3421, D70F3422, D70F3423, D70F3424,

D70F3425, D70F3426, D70F3427, D70F3433, D70F3469,

D70F3522, D70F3523, D70F3524, D70F3525, D70F3526,

D70F3548, D70F3549, D70F3550, D70F3551, D70F3552,

D70F3553, D70F3554, D70F3555, D70F3557, D70F3558,

D70F3559, D70F3560, D70F3585, D70F3611, D70F3612,

D70F3613, D70F3614, D70F3615, D70F3616, D70F3617,

D70F3618, D70F3619, D70F3620, D70F3621, D70F3622,

D70F3623, D70F3628, D70F3634, D70F4000, D70F4001,

D70F4002, D70F4003, D70F4003, D70F4005, D70F4006,

D70F4007, D70F4008, D70F4009, D70F4010, D70F4011,


3. Added Chips – CPU->MCU – Renesas-RH850 Series model:

R7F701002, R7F701003, R7F701006, R7F701007, R7F701008,

R7F701009, R7F701010, R7F701011, R7F701012, R7F701013,

R7F701014, R7F701015, R7F701016, R7F701017, R7F701018,

R7F701019, R7F701020, R7F701021, R7F701022, R7F701023,

R7F701024, R7F701025, R7F701026, R7F701027, R7F701028,

R7F701029, R7F701030, R7F701033, R7F701034, R7F701040,

R7F701041, R7F701042, R7F701043, R7F701044, R7F701045,

R7F701046, R7F701047, R7F701048, R7F701049, R7F701050,

R7F701051, R7F701052, R7F701053, R7F701054, R7F701055,

R7F701056, R7F701057, R7F701401, R7F701402, R7F701403,

R7F701404, R7F701405, R7F701406, R7F701407, R7F701408,

R7F701410, R7F701411, R7F701412, R7F701421, R7F701422,

R7F701423, R7F701424, R7F701425, R7F701426, R7F701427,

R7F701428, R7F701430, R7F701431, R7F701432