Clear and synchronize BMW EGS ISN with CGDI BMW for free

The reason many people consider buying CGDI BMW is that it does almost the same things for BMW as VVDI2, and it has the EGS ISN option (subscription or free if you have CGDI MB or CG Pro 9S12).



How to add EGS ISN option?

Method 1: subscription

Reliable link


Method 2: free if you have CGDI MB or CG Pro 9S12

Offer the serial number of CGDI BMW, also the serial number of CGDI MB or CG Pro 9S12. The supplier will add the EGS ISN option for free.


The procedure to use CGDI BMW to clear and synchronize EGS ISN:

Dismantle the EGS computer and connect to the OBD port by following CGDI BMW wiring diagram:

cgdi-bmw-egs-isn-option-02 cgdi-bmw-egs-isn-option-03


After complete connection, open CGDI BMW software and click on “EGS ISN”.



Automatically connect to view relevant information.



The EGS will be programmed. Please ensure that the car battery has enough power. Please keep the device cable connection during the programming process.



  1. Confirm the VIN
    2. Support modification



The ECU is being programmed 100% ok.

cgdi-bmw-egs-isn-option-08 cgdi-bmw-egs-isn-option-09


EGS ISN cleared.



The connection will be terminated and the car EGS will be automatically synchronized.




You say, if you have CGDI BMW Programmer to synchronize EGS, you will cost less comparing the similar tools.