Copy 48/8E/754C/754J /4th all key lost using Handy Baby II & Assistant

How to copy Audi A4L (754C) with Handy Baby II + JMD Assistant; VW Skoda 4th all key lost and then collect data with Handy Baby II + JMD Assistant.


Why use Handy Baby II + JMD Assistant?  

  1. Audi /VW 4th: Copy VW/ Audi Skoda ID48 4th. And some 24C32 Dashboard and 95320 dashboard.
  2. Audi 5th: 754Cand 754J
  3. Audi ID84: Copy Audi A6L ID8E
  4. Online VW /Skoda 4th all key lost.

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  1. 48/8E/754C/754J support re-copy
    2.8E/754C/754J after copy, Remote automatic learning
    3.8E/754C/754J support OBD program by other device not (only Handy Baby II)



Part 1: How do Handy Baby II + Assistant OBD copy Audi A4L (754C) ?

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1. The original car smart card is inserted into the card slot and lit up the Dashboard  2.jmd-assistant inserted into OBD to Collect data 3. When the assistant sends an intermittent “Beep ” sound, data collection complete, then unplug the JMD assistant.
4. Come to Handy-baby II and choose “Assistant” > “Audi 5th”

5. The assistant sensing area put on the HBII identification antenna and Choose “OK” TO READ” to read the collection data.

6. “Communication successful”, the original car key is placed vertically into the identification antenna of HBIL and “OK TO READ”. 7. Read successful. the HB-754C smart card is placed vertically into the identification antenna of the HB II, and ” OK TO COPY”  8. Copy successful.

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1. Audi 754C/754J smart card copy complete without remote control function?
1.1. Reason: Need to synchronize
1.2. method
1) Take the original car smart card outside the car

2) Lit up the Dashboard three times or five times in succession
2. The assistant is plugged into the OBD and the dashboard is black and cannot be lit.
1) Reason: When the instrument screen turn black, unplug the assistant
2) solution: Cut the battery negative for five minute



Part 2: VW Skoda 4th all key lost, collect data with Handy Baby 2 + JMD Assistant Adapter

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Step 1.  Collect Data

1. The remote control (without chip)is inserted into the ignition switch to brighten the meter. 2. Insert the assistant into the OBD port. When the assistant makes a long beep for 2 seconds and stops for 1 second, the data is collected and unplug the assistant.


Step 2: Upload data

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1. Open the JMD APP and connect handy-baby MI.
2.JMD assistant sensing area sits on.
the identification antenna and reads the collected data.
3.After read successful, Choose JMD APP upload
4. Write VIN number
5.Choose VW or Skoda
6. Write token to payment(Purchase from an agent)
7. Upload success


Step 3: Download data.

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