How activate your AUTEK IKEY820 Programmer

OBD360 will show you how activate your Autek ikey820. So, please follow the step-by-step that we indicate to activate it successfully.


1.Connect your autek ikey820 with the USB Port cable to your computer.

2.Once the screen turn on, go to your computer, find the AUTEK IKEY820 UPDATE TOOL icon on your desktop and click on it.


3.Go to your autek ikey820 and press the ESC button. Then press the OK button.

4.Once you see the Main Menu on your device’s screen, go to ACTIVATE and press the OK button.


5.Go to your computer and on the AUTEK IKEY820 UPDATE TOOL window type your requested code. (Please use only the numbers). Then press the ACTIVATE button.


6.Wait until the activation is finished and success. And it shows the ANSWER CODE.


7.Once you get the ANSWER CODE, go to your autek ikey820 and type the code, press the OK button, CONFIRM that your code it’s correct and press the OK button again.


8.Finally your Autek ikey820 programmer it will be successfully Activated.