How does J2534 VXDIAG GM online program GM SPS?

This article is available with the procedure on how does Vxdiag Nano GM online program GM Opel SPS (Service Programming System), for example Buick 2008 Passenger car GL8 Firstland (C) 3.0L V6 LZC.


GM Car information:

Buick 2008

Passenger car

GL8 Firstland

(C) 3.0L V6 LZC


Goal: Reprogram (Normal not VCI)


GM Opel programming tool and software:

  1. J2534 GM Vxdiag Interface
  2. Have an account to login ACDelco for subscripting Service Programming System (SPS)



Steps on J2534 vxdiag online program GM Buick 2008 SPS:

Login ACDelco TDS.

Choose “Service and Programming Information”.

Choose” Service Programming Only” and choose “Access your subscription”.



Choose “OK”.



Choose “Service Programming System (SPS)”.



Choose “Start SPS” and it will automatically launch Java 6.



Skip software installation of Tech2 J2534 Driver.



Choose “J2534 VXDIAG” – “Reprogram ECU“, then “Next“.



Read messages “Connect J2534 device to vehicle and PC”.



Choose the Buick car information.

Confirm car VIN.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-09 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-10


Choose ” ECM: Engine Control Module – Programming (Pass -Thru Only)”, then “Normal”.

Configuration succeed.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-11 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-12


Choose “Next” and then “OK” to reprogram with the same calibration.



Transfer data.

1). Download from server

2). Load to ECU.

It may take a long time to finish, please ensure the computer not sleep.

3). Programming complete.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-14 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-15


Choose “New”, then “Next”, choose ” TCM: Transmission Control Module”, then “Normal”.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-16 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-17 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-18 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-19


Read the reprogramming instruction.



Download from the server completed.

J2534 Vxdiag reprogram complete.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-21 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-22 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-perfectly-23


Job is done.