How to Add New Smart Remote to 2010 Audi Q5 by Autel IM608

Audi Q5 year 2010 add new smart remote(no need to put out any plugs) by OBD with Autel MaxiIM IM608.

Here are the steps for you.

Tools: XP400, Autel MaxiIM IM608

Vehicle: Audi Q5 year 2010

Note: customers have only valet key, want to add more smart remotes.

  1. Connect XP400 via USB cable
  2. Connect IM608+ JVCI to OBD port
  3. Insert programmed key into slot to turn on
  4. Audi→smart mode

  1. Check key status: 2 keys present in vehicle

  1. Key learning

  1. Read IMMO data, recommend pressing hazard lamp until finish process

  1. Make dealer key, press “Yes”

  1. Put new remote into keyhole on XP400 programmer, press” Yes”

  1. Write dealer key on Autel IM608

  1. Make dealer key success, do you want to make more dealer key, press “no”
  2. Key learning→key adaption to vehicle
  3. Number of keys that need to be learned: 2

14. Put in the keys that need to be learned sequence turn “ON”

15.Key status recognition: L3 0/ 2→ Key status recognition: L3 1/ 2

  1. put 2 nd key into switch slot and turn on

Key status recognition: L3 2/2

  1. Key learning success


Test start and remote: OK.