How to perform Yanhua Mini ACDP FRM data recovery (Automatic mode)?

Yanhua Mini ACDP FRM Footwell module8 features in reading /writing EEPROM /D-Flash, reading /write P-flash, FRM data recovery (automatic mode) and FRM data recovery (advanced mode). It doesn’t need to rewrite the other vehicle’s data, no need coding. The user can use it easily and efficiently.



Yanhua Mini ACDP “Run” indicator flashes.

Click on “BMW”.

Click on “FRM Programming”.

This is menu option, select ” ICP MC9S12XEQ384 (Mask:3M25J).” .

Select ” FRM data recovery (Automatic mode)”.

If you only want to restore the FRM data, click on option 3 or 4, if you want to read data or write, click on option 1 or 2.

Please make sure you did by following the message, and click on “Confirm”.

All pins are detected connected fine, click on “Confirm”.

Configurating adapter…

Reading chip data.

This is chip information:

Check the data. If the FRM module data is corrupted, the 32K Dflash data will be read out. If you’re reading 4K EEPROM data, note that FRM module data is not corrupted, please operate carefully.

Updating data

File save.

Confirm info.

Verifying data…

Program execution completed.




Don’t you think it is very easy to restore BMW FRM data automatically with Yanhua ACDP plus module8?