How to use Autel IM608 add a new smart remote for 2013 Bmw 528i F10 Cas4/4+

2013 BMW 528i F10 Cas4/4+ add new smart remotes via obd by Autel MaxiIM IM608.

Smart key chip: Hitag Pro 49



  1. Turn ignition on, connect MaxiFlash JVCI toIM608 by USB to OBDII. Connect XP400 via USB port.
  2. IMMO→BMW→ Smart Mode
  3. Try to delete all fault code by clear code operation
  4. Key number: position used key 1, 2, 4 try to program free key 3

Go to system mode ECU upgrade functions

  1. System mode→CAS4/CAS4+ immobilizer system→ programming operation→ ECU upgrade function
  2. Wait 7-8 minutes to upgrade ECU

Go back to smart mode to read SK

  1. Press ESC to smart mode→key learning

  1. Key learning by obd→read SK by obd

  1. Download files

  1. Find SK process time about 10 minutes

  1. Dashboard will be ON and OFF

  1. Put working key to start coil position, and press OK

  1. Now got SK password

  1. Input SK secret key→CAS4+ → Fill all SK

  1. Choose key position 3 and write new key

  1. Put new key close to start coil position, press OK.

  1. Key learning

  1. Put key close to ignition coil then press start button 10s
  2. Now key number 3: already used

  1. Test remote, test start engine