How to use CGDI BMW for Maserati Change KM via OBD?

Since CGDI BMW V2.3.0, it adds a new optional function” Maserati Change KM” by pay extra 65usd. Post is on what Maserati models it can change KM? how to do via OBD.

CGDI BMW V2.30 New: Maserati Levante 95320, Geberit 95160, President 95160 Instrument OBD adjustment

cgdi-bmw-for-maserati-change-km cgdi-maserati-odometer-correction-02


How to operate via OBD?

CGDI BMW is menu-driven tool, and you needn’t remove the dashboard, so just follow the on-screen message to do until Maserati Change KM succeed.


CGDI BMW update info in 2018:

I think will help you judge if CGDI BMW is worth to have or not.


CG-DI V2.4.0  (2018.12.13)

  1. New: BMW data modification function: support CAS3/3+ data modification VIN, ISN, support CAS4/4+ data VIN, ISN modification, support N20 data VIN, ISN modification.
  2. BMW F/G series programming: support automatic code setting after programming; repair some problems of instrument programming failure; repair some EPS programming failure problems; repair ECU list display error.
  3. CAS mileage reset: fix the problem of partial version programming failure.
  4. Firmware upgrade: Improve USB communication performance.

CG-DI V2.3.0 (2018.11.21)

  1. New: Porsche 987, 911 OBD key learning
  2. New: Maserati Levante 95320, Geberit 95160, President 95160 Instrument OBD adjustment
  3. FEM/BDC key matching: Optimize the pre-processing process, increase backup FAFP, restore FAFP function, calculate ECU data, reset starter lock, calculate ELV data function, and add repair remote control function description.
  4. BMW F Series Programming: Supports instrument programming greater than 10MB. The modules to be programmed are displayed in red font, and the code modules are displayed in blue font.
  5. BMW F system code: Optimize the modules to be programmed in red font.
  6. 95128/95256 adds 95540 chip read and write.

CG-DI V2.2.5 (2018.09.06)

  1. Fix some win7 users fail to open the software.
  2. Fix a problem that a version has failed to erase the mileage.
  3. OBD key matching: increase support for 9389115, 9395657 two versions of CAS3++
  4. BMW ISN: Add 9389115, 9389116, 9395656, 9395657 four versions of CAS read, write, read and write ISN
  5. Increase CAS mileage reset function, support CAS1-CAS3+, a small number of versions of CAS are not supported, if you do not support you can try to upgrade to a supported version.

The following are the supported CAS hardware numbers:




CG-DI V2.2.3 (2018.08.03)

1.Fix the problem that the codding ICM module is invalid

CG-DI V2.2.3 (2018.07.19)

1.BMW ISN:Add DME wiring diagrams for D62M57A0, ME9N62_2, MEV9N46, MEV17_2N, MEVD176K, MEVD1724, MEVD1725, MS450DS0, MV1722, MVD1722

2.FEM/BDC key matching:Add “write EEPROM” function,Optimize read and write processes

3.Fix CAS4 key matching to determine the CAS type is incorrect。

CG-DI V2.2.2(2018.06.27)

1.BMW OBD Key Match:Add “Add Key”function。

2.FEM/BDC Key Match:

(1)Added 95128/95256 read and write capabilities (need to use a matching adapter)

(2)Fix the problem of failure to replace FEM/BDC write data

(3)Added new SWFL support (ISTA-64)


(1)Added F series to read DME ISN type:MEVD172Y MEVD1724 MEVD1725 N63TU_R0 N63TU_L0 S63TU_R0 S63TU_L0

(2)Added E series to read DME ISN type:ME17N45(N45 Tricore) MEV17N46(N46 Tricore) MED17_2 MED17_2N(N14 Tricore) MEV17_2 MEV17_2N(N12 Tricore) MV1722(N16 Tricore) MVD1722(N18 Tricore) MEVD174K(N20, Tricore) MEVD176K(N55 Tricore) MVD1727(N18 Mini Tricore) MEVD17KW(Tricore) MSV70 MEV9N46L ME9N62 MEV9N46 N62_TUE N62_TUE2 MS450DS0 ME9N62_2 ME9N45 ME9E65_6 N73_L0 N73_R0 D7xN47xx D7xN57xx D60PSA0 MSS60 DDE604 DDE626 DDE603 DDE509 DDE606 DDE608 D50M57A0 DDE506 D50M57C0 D50M57E0