How to use Handy Baby II unlock BMW smart key?

Topic: Handy Baby II unlock BMW smart key in step by step procedure; then Handy Baby II Remote introduction.


Topic 1: Handy Baby II unlock BMW smart key in step by step procedure

Handy Baby II unlock smart key for BMW.



Put the key into the coil of Handy Baby II.

handy-baby-ii-unlock-bmw-smart-key-02 handy-baby-ii-unlock-bmw-smart-key-03


Plug the USB cable into the Handy Baby II and the computer.



Choose “Remote”, then “Remote renew”, then “BMW” , then “5WK49125”.

handy-baby-ii-unlock-bmw-smart-key-05 handy-baby-ii-unlock-bmw-smart-key-06 handy-baby-ii-unlock-bmw-smart-key-08


Please use the unlock line to connect the key, then press “Ok” to writing until you see “Success”.

handy-baby-ii-unlock-bmw-smart-key-08 handy-baby-ii-unlock-bmw-smart-key-09 handy-baby-ii-unlock-bmw-smart-key-10



Back to unplug the USB cable from the machine.



Topic 2: Handy Baby II Remote introduction.

 Handy Baby II Remote option.

1.Remote: Unlock smart card

2.FIX CODE clone: Copy fixed code remote control

3.Fixed code: Edit the data of the fixed code remote contro

4.Simulate: Simulate car’s remote

5.JMD remote renew: Renew JMD remote renew



Handy Baby II Remote renew

1.Definition: Unlock the matching smart card to recover the
blank card. models(specifically, please refer to the wiring table).

3.Operation (BMW CAS3 card as an example):

3.1 Follow the key unlock wiring diagram(Figure 1)
solder the smart card unlocking wire to the corresponding pad
on the remote control.

3.2Smart card unlock line connects the palm of the second
generation burning port.

3.3The second generation of the palm of the treasure enters “car remote
control”>”key unlock”> select the relative model >
Select the relative remote control model(Figure 2)> “OK” to write data


Handy Baby II remote – Fix code clone

  1. Use: Mainly used in garage door/ electric car remote control and other fixed code remote control
    2. Support remote: JMD remote
    3.Operating procedures:
    3.1.Choose “Remote”>”FIX CODE CLONE
    3.2. The remote control is placed horizontally on the identification antenna of the Handy-baby ll, and the buttons of the remote control are respectively pressed.
    3. 3. The JMD remote is placed vertically into the identification antenna of the handy-baby Il, OK button to download.




Handy baby II remote fixed code
1. Definition: PT2262/PT2240/AX5326/LX918/HT6P20/HT12/D00YA chip model
2.Operation process (example of PT2262
2.1.Choose “remote” >”Fixed code”>Choose model
2. 2. Set data and code bit rate. Set 4 groups in total
identification antenna of the Handy-baby Il, select the AS R
2.3 The remote control is vertically placed in the identification antenna of the Handy Baby II, select the button frequency, and the OK button downloads the program.

2.4. Write the remote control of the data, need to learn.



Handy baby II remote: simulate remote

  1. Definition: Simulated remote control via Handy-baby II and JMD-HP
    2. Operating( For example Ford)
    2. 1Choose “Remote” > “Simulate Remote”
    2. 2Please insert JMD-HP and OK TO CONTINUE
    2.3Down remote data by JMD APP and Choose “simulate remote “in the JMD APP.