How to Use Launch X431 PAD III to Reset Battery for Ford Mondeo

This post guides you on how to use Launch X431 PAD III to reset battery for Ford Mondeo.


Note: This function is required to be reset after the new vehicle battery has been replaced.

Car: 2014 Ford Mondeo

Vin code: LVSHFFAC8EF90****


  1. Connect X431 PAD III with car, select ”automatic search”

  1. Select “fast test” to scan the full car system.

  1. Select “BCMII”.

  1. Select “special function”.

  1. Select “BMS reset”.

  1. Click on “Yes” to enter the next step.

  1. Open the ignition switch and click on “Yes” to enter the next step.

  1. Click on “Yes” to start reset.

  1. BMS reset success, click on “Yes”.

  1. Close “ignition switch” and click on “ Yes”. So you use X431 PAD III reset battery