How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP to Add New Key/AKL Programming for Porsche

This post is available on How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP Add New Key/AKL Programming for Porsche Macan 2017.




Remove the BCM module from the vehicle, the modules are located below the steering wheel.

Remove the 4 screws on the back of BCM using a special screwdriver.

Remove the BCM shell

Prepare parts

Install the copper pillar.

Note: short copper pillar are installed below, long copper pillar are installed on top

D1- D4 regional figure

Enlarged drawing

Install the interface board according to D1-D4

After D1-D4 is confirmed, press down the interface board. Tighten the interface board with copper pillar.

Connect 20 pin cable ICP+ OBP Adapter and Porsche BCM interface board

Connect ICP+ OBP Adapter and ACDP host


Power the ACDP host

Click “MINI ACDP” App


Click “Porsche”

Click “ New Porsche add key/ all lost”

Click “ICP IMMO”

Selection according to CPU module

Click “ add key (auto mode)

Read the message carefully and follow the prompts to connect



Reading PFLASH data

Reading EEPROM/ DFLASH data…

Connect according to the prompt message

Choose any blank key number and “continue”

Connect according to the prompt message