HUMZOR NexzDAS Update to Version 3.9 Now!

Humzor NexzDAS App have been upgraded to version 3.9 in

There have been an optimization and improvement on the followings:
1The stability of software operation
2Extensive support of Android system, 4.4 and above
3Layout and beautification of UI

Sincerely welcome you to install and experience it! The specific operations are as follows:

  1. Remove the original 3.8 version App from your phone;
    Search “NexzDAS” on Google Play, download and install it;
    3.After installation, enter your registered email and password to log in (* models, function data do not need to be re-downloaded)


What can you do if your mobile phone cannot connect to the Bluetooth?


Please scan the QR code below, download and install this software.



Then start the car, plug the Lite into the car, open the app and click cannot connect to Bluetooth in the upper right corner. Open this software and click on the Bluetooth connection starting with H. This can assist in connecting to Bluetooth.