HUMZOR NEXZSCAN NL50 Introduction, Advantages, Function and Reviews

OBD360 will introduce a new release product– HUMZOR NEXZSCAN NL50 to you. Tell you its advantages, OBD2 functions, update, vehicle coverage, support protocols. And offer you some customer reviews to take a reference.


What is NEXZSCAN NL50?


NEXZSCAN NL50 is the OBD2 scanner which is specially designed for car owner. It is portable, intelligent and high cost-effective and supports all the standard OBD2 protocols with wide vehicle coverage. Plug it into the OBD port and connect it with your smartphone through Bluetooth to give the car an efficient inspection. With NEXZSCAN and your smart phone in hand , there is no more need to worry about theCheck Engine Light on. You can master the check engine light easily.




What’s the advantages of NEXZSCANNL50?


  1. High Cost-effective Device, VCI+ Free APP(iOS & Android)
  2. Bluetooth 4.2 Fast and Stable Connection
  3. Enhanced OBD Diagnosis, O2 Sensor, Battery Test Added
  4. Detailed DTC Analysis With Possible Causes
  5. Powerful Database with nearly 40K DTCs
  6. Diversified Live Data Display & Parameter Comparison
  7. Data Manage and Playback Platform Offered


What’s the OBD2 function of NEXZSCAN NL50 Code Reader?


Read and Clear Codes: Read and clear engine codes. Stored, Pending and Permanent for all makes.

Freeze Frame: A snapshot of the vehicle when the code is stored.

Live Data: DIY diversified PID display methods and multi-parameters comparison.

O2 Sensor: Check the vehicle O2 sensor values.

Smog Check: Check if the vehicle is ready for a smog or emissions test.

MIL Status: Diagnose the car when the Malfunction Indicator Lamp is on.

Mode 6: Advanced test results (like misfire counts) for on-board diagnostic system monitors.

Battery Test: Show battery voltage and comment battery status.




How to update HUMZOR NEXZSCAN NL50?


One-Key Update in App: No PC, no USB, no SD card are needed. Click the upgrade information and update it into the latest version within the App in time.


NEXZSCAN NL50 Scanner Vehicle Coverage


Works on any gasoline car (Japan,Canada,US,EU,etc.) with standard OBD2 DLC after 2000 till now(OBD2,CAN).




Support all Standard OBD2 Protocols: SAE_J1850(PWM,VPW), ISO_9141-2, ISO_14230-4(KWP, KWP-FAST), ISO_15765-4 (CAN, CAN-B,CAN-C,CAN-D), SAE_J1939(CAN).


NEXZSCAN NL50 Customer review:


–Used on2006 Buick rendezvous. It told what the problems were and made for getting right parts easy.


–This is an awesome OBD2 scanner. It was able to tell me what the check engine light in my car was for so I didn’t get ripped off by a mechanic. I plan on purchasing this for my wife’s car as well as it has already saved me money. This was well worth the cost.


–My cars are getting older (a Prius and a Ford Escape), plus I was looking to buy a used car. I can report that this worked great with both my vehicles. While there were no code faults, I did have a “Maintenance Required” light that wouldn’t go away on the Prius, even though it was recently serviced. While this device won’t reset that directly, it DOES have a database that shows what buttons/switches/power to press in order to reset that light (think cheat codes in video games, some of these are very specific in what you press when). Well done!