Jaguar Land rover KVM key programming with CG-PRO

Post is on how does CG-PRO program Jaguar Land rover KVM (BCM / RFA) key wonderfully in step by step procedure.

Part 1: Read out the data from smart computer and IMMO box.

  1. Dismantle the smart computer and the IMMO box from the car.

Image 1: BCM immo box

Image 2: Smart ECU RFA

Click on “Diagram” in the CG Pro software to follow the wiring.

Here BCM wiring diagram in the CG Pro software.

BCM physical wiring

Land Rover RFA 2m53J 9S12XET256 wiring diagram in the CG Pro software.

Land Rover RFA smart ECU physical wiring:

You need not connect the clock line first, if you get message to decrypt when reading, then connect the clock line according to the software wiring diagram.

Select BCM or RFA module, read and save the data.

Tip: after the data is read out, do not unplug the cable and adapters immediately, because you are required to write key and then rewrite data later.

Part 2: Load the data into CG Pro software to program key

Click on “Key” – ” Jaguar / Land Rover” – Model [KVM – XEP100 (BCM) for example], then click on “Key Function” to enter the key programming menu options incl. load KVM DFLASH, load KVM EEPROM, Load BCM DFLASH, Read key, Write key etc.

KVM Key programming tips:

Step 1: Load KVM DFLASH

Step 2: Load KVM EEPROM

This function is for emergency start (optional). If you need to operate this option, please read out the BCM immo data and meanwhile tick on this option when key is programming, then load BCM data.

Step 3: Place a blank key into the CG Pro key programmer, click on “Read key” button.

***Can read key ID and check if the key is placed correctly.

Step 4: Select key position and then click on “Write key” button.

Please save the data in the order of DFLASH,EEPROM,BCM.

Part 3: Rewrite the data generated after key matching.

  1. Back to the main menu where you read out the data just now.
  2. Open the corresponding data saved after the key is written.
  3. Write data after connecting the computer.


Now, you can remove all the cables, then reinstall the KVM module back to the car.

Big thanks to CG PRO for what it done!