JMD Handy Baby 2 Copies ID48 96bits key in 2 steps

JMD Handy Baby 2 Copy ID48 96bits key in 3 steps: 1st step to  decode(choose decode first then collect the data), 2nd step to clone.

Here we go.

96-bit is the key/key of the 48 chip total of 12ates bytes of hexadecimal data

Applicable models:
Volkswagen/Skoda: Applicable to all models that can be replaced with glass tubes, except MQB and electronics
Other models: all glass tube 48 chip models


Step 1:  Decode

Choose 96bits-Dec.

Choose “Decode”.


Collect the first set of data.

Collect the second set of data.


Collect the third set of data and read the original car key.


Read success.

Choose on-line (PC).

JMD client choose 96bit 48 decode.

96bit 48 decode.

Send data to JMD client.

Write token.

Payment success.

send success.


Step 2: Handy Baby 2 Clone 96bits 48 chip

  1. After receiving the E-mail after successful decoding, copy the key
  2. Handy-baby connect JMD APP
  3. Handy- baby choose “96bit5 -Dec”>”CLONE” >”Copy(APP)
  4. The original car key is placed in the identification antenna to read
  5. Successful password extraction
  6. C-JMD48/S-CHIP is placed vertically into the identification antenna, OK key copy.