Mercedes Benz E350 w207 add smart remote by Autel IM508 & XP400

OBD360 will guide you how to add one more key on Mercedes Benz E350 w20 by Autel IM508 and XP400.

Here we go.


First of all, connect XP400 by USB cable

IMMO→ Mercedes Benz→Smart Mode→ On Vehicle

Reading vehicle information…→ E250 coupe W207→ Add key

Read Eis data→ Press[begin]

Reading working key information→ press remote button check frequency→ insert ignition key into IR key hole on programmer

1-Mercedes-Benz-E350-w207-add-smart-remote 2-Mercedes-Benz-E350-w207-add-smart-remote



Reading blank key information→ check blank key frequency→ insert blank key into IR keyhole on programmer.


Press [ok] to enter password calculation process(maybe need to insert and remove key several times before it can start)

Insert the ignition key into EIS for 5 second, then pull the ignition key out.

4-Mercedes-Benz-E350-w207-add-smart-remote 5-Mercedes-Benz-E350-w207-add-smart-remote


Insert the ignition key into EIS and wait 2 second(please confirm whether the key can be turned to the ON position if not try again)

After pulling the ignition key out, insert it into IR keyhole.


Acquiring password process: need 10-30 minutes. Please wait…

Insert the ignition key into the EIS for 30 second.

Password calculation completed→press [ok] go to key addition process

Generate key file

Insert blank key into IR keyhole and press [ok]

Writing key file

Key addition completed


Insert key until led lamp on key light up and go off


Test remote: ok


Done .