Mercedes w212 E200 year 2012 add new smart key(AKL) by AUTEL IM608

Mercedes w212 E200 year add new smart key when all smart keys lost by AUTEL IM608.



  1. Connect IM608 with JVCI to OBD
  2. Connect IM608 with XP400 by USB
  3. Connect IR cable(APB101)
  4. IMMO→Mercedes Benz→ smart mode→ on vehicle  
  5. Read Eis

  1. Insert Blank key into IR keyhole programmer

  1. If you know key password, press” ok “, if not, press” No”

  1. Press “ok” to start password calculation

  1. Connect IR cable and OBD cable
  2. Connect IR key simulator into IR hole programmer

  1. Insert IR simulator into EIS, and the calculating time is about 10-30 minutes

  1. After 10 minutes, we got the password, so the password calculation completed

  1. Generating key files
  2. Insert new blank key into keyhole on IR programmer

  1. Writing key files into new key

  1. Key Addition completed

  1. Insert new key into EIS for synchronization, ESl is moving so personalize completed