Program 2014 Chevrolet Sonic: Vvdi Key Tool + Key Master DP Plus done!

Program 2014 Chevrolet Sonic by Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool and OBDSRAR Key Master DP Plus



  1. Chevrolet Sonicid46 1815: press “Gen”

Writing data…

  1. Install remote module into remote shell

  1. GM V31.11 read security code by OBDII

  1. By BCM system→Auto→read pincode
  2. Pincode 0968

Program chip and remote

  1. immobiliser→select from vehicle→ Chevrolet
  2. Sonic→2012-2015→ without smart→ all keys lost

  1. Fill pincode: 0968
  2. Switch off and wait 5 seconds then on

  1. System configuration, please wait 10 minutes
  2. Security light steady

  1. After 10minutes, security light go off. Switch off and pull out the key

  1. Open and close driver door 1 time
  2. Turn on

  1. Press YES to program next key,
  2. Switch off and pull out the key
  3. Insert new key and turn ignition on
  4. System configuration…

  1. Switch off and pull out the key
  2. Open and close the driver door 1 time
  3. System configuration…

  1. Tun ignition on

  1. Press “no”, only program 2 keys, and the following steps are the same as 19-22 steps
  2. Now security light goes off, switch off then switch on→program success

Test start and remote: success.