Read write erase M35160WT M35128 with VVDI Pro: how, why & where

Xhorse M35160WT adapter working together with VVDI Prog, can read write erase all data. That means the VDI Pro option”<1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><ST>” works with additional M35160WT adapter.

xhorse M35160WT adapter connection with VVDI pro:

Why need xhorse M35160WT adapter?

The following paragraphs are quoted from one real user

Tried with Vvdi programmer to reset eeprom chips on bmw clusters / odometers

But no matter how I try I can’t read ANY eprom soic 8 chips.

Then i tried a loose spare chip. Thinking if i can’t read out of circuit, i will know you have a vvdi or adapter issue

I’ve done that with 2 different Vvdi programmers.

None could read the chip off circuit or in circuit.

I’m sure i’m not trying to read a 35080WT

that’s the second eeprom on a bmw 6wb / 6wa cluster.

Strange thing here is, that cheap as crappy China tools can read both EPROMs but Vvdi can’t. Even though they’re bot on the supported eeprom list.

***In this situation

A small xhorse M35160WT adapter will play an important role and help this user solve a headache issue.

Where to have one xhorse M35160WT adapter?

not from ebay, not from aliexpress, here advise a brand site