Vident iLink400 Customer FAQs

Here is the collection of Vident iLink400 Customer FAQs:

1. Question:Can this program a jeep commander 2010 abs module?

Answer:  No,it’s not a programming tool

2.Question:Can you test the wiper system with this?

Answer:Yes, it can test all systems.

3.Question:Can iLink400 tell me which door latch is causing my ajar light to stay on?

Answer:Depends on the year of the vehicle, older cars use one feed and can not determine which door is open. Newer vehicles can be read to see which door is open

4.Question:Does it means that I have 2 cars (Mercedes and Toyota), I have to pay $60 extra for the diagnostic of the second car?

Answer: VIDENT iLink400 Auto Multi-System Scan Tool is shipped with one free software. Many software can be added anytime at extra cost. You can get free software for one car and you will need to pay USD 60 extra for the diagnostic of the second car if you have 2 cars (Mercedes and Toyota),

5.Question:Will this only work on one specific car with GM software or can I use it for multiple GM,s with just the one gm download?

Answer:The Scanner provides one Diagnostic Software for free, choose one car brand you’d like to and then update it on the official website. Allow Add More Car Models, Each car model cost is 60USD, You can pay for additional car models if you want to add it to your iLink400.

6.Question:Will the iAuto700 allow me to do a throttle relearn on a 2007 jeep wrangler 3.8L?

Answer:I am afraid it can not support this function.

7.Question:Can it still do basic code reading for all manufacturers if you only have one software?

Answer:Yes it does almost all of them except HINO, UD… that needs a special program, no one has it except the dealerships.