Volkswagen Bettle 2014 Clone 48 96bit Online with VVDI MINI TOOL

Program remote and Volkswagen Bettle 2014 clone 48 96bit online by VVDI MINI TOOL.

  1. Connect vvdi mini tool with xhorse App via Bluetooth.
  2. Put original key in coil, press “Transponder Clone”

  1. Put transponder into coil position, press “clone”


ID48(96 bit) online calculation

  1. Put original key into Coil to recognize, press “start clone”

  1. Close the Antenna to the ignition switch, turn on -off then remove key out 8 times until promoted to collect data .


  1. Put original key into mini tool coil to calculate.
  2. Query calculation result from server.
  3. After 8 minutes, calculate success.
  4. Put original key into Coil, and then remove original key and put XH-48 cloning chip into Coil to write.
  5. ID 48 clone success.

If want to copy more,press” continue”, if not, ”stop clone”

  1. Try to start: start success.

 Generate remote and program 

Generate with Vvdi Mini Tool


  1. Press power button for 2 seconds to Frequency Test, find Volkswagen Bettle frequency: 315 Mhz ASK.
  2. Connect cable with XK remote.
  3. Vehicle Remote→VW→ Bettle→ 5K0- 837-202- S 12-14 315 Mhz ASK

  1. Press”generate”, writing…

  1. After writing success, put Battery 2032 and assemble remote


Program by key master dp plus

  1. Turn ignition On with original remote
  2. Volkswagen→vw/audi/ skoda/ seat V.34.27
  3. VW→program remote→ 09 central control
  4. Program remote→press lock button or unlock button to program

5, Hazrd light blink 4 times to confirm program success.

  1. Test remote: both remote ok.