VVDI mini key tool wins VVDI key tool in speed and stability

VVDI mini key tool wins VVDI key tool in speed and stability, I am not talking big, I am justified.


Although smaller than VVDI key tool, it have power capabilities, incl.

Transponder Editing & Cloning … Confirmed
Detect most immobilizer transponder, edit and clone common transponder in the market


Transponder Generating … Confirmed

Remote Generate… Confirmed

Remote Cloning… Confirmed

Frequency Test… Confirmed

Toyota H transponder … Confirmed

Remote Renew… Confirmed (VVDI key tool can’t)

Faster speed, ingenious technology, time is money:

Turn on machine: 1s

Turn off machine : 4s

Detect transponder: 1s to switch

Test the frequency: 2s to switch at a farther distance (VVDI key tool has to be closer)

That means, the locksmith can quickly decide the price of key programming, so that the car owner can believe the locksmith is professional.

vvdi-mini-key-tool-wins-vvdi-key-tool-01 vvdi-mini-key-tool-wins-vvdi-key-tool-02


Bluetooth, IOS/Android Phone communication, Xhorse Server:

The body has no buttons, VVDI MINI Key tool communicates with the mobile phone (IOS/Android) via Bluetooth, suitable for modern Internet area.


Because all operations are done through the mobile phone, like remote and chips data are generated in the APP, the user is more familiar with his mobile phone, the whole operation will save time comparing with VVDI KEY TOOL.


Also, the storage space and screen of mobiles can save a lot of hardware development.



Easy to update in the APP on the Android / IOS phone, as long as you ensure your phone has power and internet is connected.



EU/NA Version

VVDI mini key tool is available with European version and North American version.


Free ID48 96bit + one token free

Buy MINI Key Tool,get ID48 96bit authorization free,and one token free everyday one year.

Source: http://www.obd360.com/wholesale/original-xhorse-vvdi-mini-key-tool-remote-key-programmer.html

Price: cheaper than vvdi key tool

3 colors available



VVDI Key Tool Pros:

  1. built-in battery, Bluetooth
  2. Has bigger screen and buttons to press, meet most locksmiths.
  3. Allow users to perform calculation and storage chips in motherboard.

The early chip copy machine needs a cloner box for 4d copy, with a few SD cards to store the special decoding with database, including later out 46 cloner box, which must have the hardware to calculate.


  1. VVDI Key Tool can identify the coil and detect frequency.


  1. Can generate keys, detect frequencies, copy chips and so on without connecting to the mobiles, only for 96-bit copy or other operations that require online computing.



VVDI KEY Tool still update regularly.